Why do children learn languages so easily

The Real Reason Children Are So Good At Learning Languages (Part 1)

“Children’s brains are like sponges! It’s easy for them to learn”

“My older brain is full of information, so it’s harder for me to learn and remember things”

We use kids as an excuse for why we feel that we can’t learn as an adult.

It is true that children learn a language more quickly and with greater precision than adults. The problem is, people accept this and say, “well I’m not a child anymore so I won’t be able to learn a language very well”.

This is the biggest mistake a learner can make. (more…)

how to go from B2 to C1 in English

If You’re B1 or B2 in English, You Should Read This…

When I was fourteen, the Tour de France went through my village in rural France.

It was by far the event of the year.

Not much tended to go through the village, except tractors or the odd lorry transporting sheep.

The morning they were due to cycle through, all the villagers lined the road, hoping to get a good view.

People arrived hours early, afraid they might miss the spectacle. (more…)

dictations in English

The Only Listening Exercise You’ll Ever Need

A student arrived in my class last winter with a horrible cold. Pale skin, bloodshot eyes, blocked nose, the lot.

I asked him if he was alright, and he said he was just a little ill.

I said, “get well soon!”, and he thanked me.

As soon as he thanked me, I asked him to repeat what I had just said to him. He paused for a moment before eventually replying, “Erm, I don’t know”. (more…)

how to make fewer mistakes in English

6 Unorthodox Ways to Make Fewer Mistakes in English

When I was eleven, I was madly in love with a girl in my class called Helenka. I tried to do everything to get her attention and impress her.

Somehow, I can’t remember how, I managed to ask her out on a date. And somehow, I can’t remember how either, she said yes.

“Wow!”, I thought, “I did it! I’ve got a date with Helenka. My first date ever!”

I then proceeded to tell everybody in my class that I was going on a date with Helenka.

(Mistake nº1) (more…)

What’s Your Weakness?

“It is easier, far easier, to obey another than to command oneself”, Irvin D. Yalom

At first, the crowd laughed at this young man’s funny style.

Others who had seen it for the first time compared it to watching a fish in a boat trying to get back into the water.

But as he cleared the bar again and again, they began to cheer him on.

It was the high jump final in the 1968 Summer Olympics in Mexico City, and Dick Fosbury was about to change the sport forever. (more…)

English practice exercises you can do anywhere

Five English Practice Exercises You Can Do Anywhere

Boiled eggs, bananas, and nuts.

This is the packed lunch I have every working day.

I usually throw in a handful of raisins, maybe even a couple of apples if I’m feeling crazy. But always boiled eggs, bananas, and nuts.

I don’t have to time to go home to cook anything or go to a restaurant to have lunch, so I have this.

I love it.

It’s small but filling, nutritious, clean, and I can carry it and eat it anywhere I want. (more…)

error correction in English

Turn it upside-down

I’m learning to do freestanding handstands.

I’m no expert yet.

I started about two years ago; I’m one of those people that does handstands in the park and looks pretty silly.

When I started, I looked up a quick guide on techniques on the Internet, then just went out and tried to do it.

I fell over. (more…)